Our team excites customers about the brand they are representing with face to face interaction and education. We allow customers to be hands on and experience products in a way they normally wouldn’t be exposed to, by finding creative solutions to marketing problems.


We become experts in our clients products so we can keep our customers informed and ensure that their questions are answered correctly. We provide superb all around customer service and strive to make the consumer experience unique.


We understand that our employees come from different backgrounds and experience levels and all have different goals that they want to achieve. We want to make sure that those goals are achieved and we can train and develop someone with the necessary skills for that to happen.

Mission Statement

5282 endeavors to help our Clients, Customers, and Employees achieve their goals through diligence, attentiveness, education, and mutual respect.

Our Team

Coming from varied backgrounds and experience levels, our team provides our customers with a unique educational experience, our clients with the results they are looking for, and their teammates with the education and opportunity to succeed. Everyone deserves the opportunity to cultivate his or her quality of life. Our pursuit is to provide this opportunity for anyone who is willing to grasp it and grow.